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Code Rush

Code Monkey is the world’s leading game-based learning platform for teaching programming to K-8 students. For the past 3 years they have sponsored Code Rush, a nationwide coding competition for grades 3-5.

This year 24 students participated on 3 teams: Schechter LI’s Coding Lions (Micah B., Shay G., Shayna B., Sara R., Coby B., Jake S., Arieh M., and Gavi N.), Schechter LI’s Coding Masterminds (Mikey B., Ruby E., Sophie D., Sofia M., Yoni G., Harry W., Evy A., and Shoshana W.), and Schechter LI’s Coding Commanders (Jordan B., Natalie A., Sam L., Sasha M., Manny M., Elad S., Eleanor G., and Shani M.). Students worked individually and as a team to complete 67 extremely difficult challenge levels over a two-week period in March.

For the third consecutive year, Schechter’s teams were Top 10 Winners. SSLI was the highest ranked Jewish Day School in the United States, being the only Jewish Day School to reach the Top 10 and the 3 highest ranked teams in New York State, being the only school in NYS to reach the Top 10. Such an accomplishment for our students and our school!


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