Imagine a school where every child in the Lower School learns to play piano, and every child in the Upper School learns to play guitar.

Imagine fourth graders learning biography by becoming characters in a wax museum, and eighth graders acting out Romeo and Juliet while learning fencing.

Imagine a social studies classroom where conversations about current events are conducted in a seminar style where students direct the conversation, or a Judaics classroom where students memorize sections of the Mishnah and Talmud while later adjudicating contemporary cases using Jewish law.

And imagine all of this in a school where our students attend and graduate Yale, Duke, Wesleyan, List College, Macaulay Honors College, and colleges and universities of all types.

At the Schechter School of Long Island, you do not need to imagine any of these things, because these are real stories for how we fill the hallways with dynamic models of teaching and learning.

SSLI treats every student like a work of art, fostering a learning environment where every child feels seen, heard, and understood, and where our teachers strive to get the best out of each child’s unique learning style. There is no one way to teach a child, and SSLI students thrive because our community takes the time to understand their needs and find a pathway to help them thrive.

Teach a child according to their wayProverbs (22.6)