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SSLI treats every student like a work of art, fostering a learning environment where every child feels seen, heard, understood, and where our teachers strive to get the best out of each child’s unique learning style.

In our school, this principle is at the core of everything we do, and our students thrive and develop rich relationships because of it.

The Book of Mishlei (Proverbs) says, “Teach a child according to their way” (22.6). At Schechter School of Long Island, this principle is at the core of everything we do, and our students thrive and develop rich relationships because of it.

Peer Support

Schechter knows that transitions can be tough for tweens and teens. Through the Peer Educators and Peer Connectors programs, middle school students and 9th graders meet regularly with trained high school students to learn how to handle a host of hot-button issues affecting today’s kids, including social media, time management, peer pressure, school safety, and more. Meeting regularly with high school peers gives each student a “big brother” and “big sister” to rely on for support, guidance and friendship. Many of these relationships continue long after graduation.

Advisory and Health

As students mature, they gain more independence in decision making. We guide our students through making healthy and wise decisions. To prepare them for the years ahead, all students in the Upper School take courses taught by our own faculty, covering topics of healthy living and smart choices. Not only do our students learn valuable information in these classes, they come to view their teachers as people who care about them and their well being.

Academic Support

Students are provided with a range of services to meet their needs.


  • IEP services are coordinated between SSLI and the Mineola school district, with district staff providing all services on our campus.
  • 504 plans are written in-house, with services and support provided by our trained faculty.
  • There are times when students require a little extra help, in these cases, students, teachers or parents can meet with the Director of Pupil Services to determine a plan for addressing these needs. Support is available for General Studies, Hebrew and Judaic Studies.

Health Care

Our campus is staffed with a school nurse provided by the local school district. The nurse ensures all students are fully compliant with immunization requirements, creates allergy action plans, and administers prescription/over-the-counter medications when necessary. The nurse also conducts age-appropriate health screenings, prepares first-aid kits for class trips, and trains faculty in emergency Epipen administration. We are blessed to have a nurse with such a friendly and calm demeanor!