Host a Shinshin Participant

The most significant component of our Shinshinim program has been the host families from across Long Island. We’ve had a few wonderful Schechter LI families who have opened their homes and their hearts to the full experience of hosting Shinshinim. Some of our families have even chosen to host multiple times because their experience was so gratifying.

These past few months, we had the pleasure of hosting Tomer, one of the Shinshinim who volunteered for the year at Schechter and local synagogues. It was such a rewarding experience for our family. From the very beginning, Tomer bonded with our children and became a part of the family. He had a very busy schedule during the week but we did manage to spend most Shabbat evenings with him. We were very happy to participate in the program and we encourage others to do the same.Beth, Michael, Ira, Jeremy & Shira

If you would like to host Shinshinim, please complete the form below.