Academic Excellence

We prepare our students to succeed in every college or career path. We give them the critical tools they need to approach all aspects of life. Every college, every career path and everything they choose to do.

Capstone Program

One of the newest programs at SSLI is the nationally acclaimed AP Capstone track: AP Seminar (10th grade) and AP Research (11th grade), and our preparatory Pre-Capstone (9th grade).


The AP Capstone program focuses on critical analysis — thinking, reading, writing and speaking with an emphasis on credibility. AP Seminar shows our students how to make evidence-based arguments by gathering and critiquing information from multiple sources. AP Research takes this one step further, emphasizing independent research as a way to develop and defend one’s own scholarly work.


As a stepping stone to these two courses, Pre-Capstone lays the foundation our ninth graders need to understand how fact-based research works. Overall, this program teaches our students skills they will need to succeed both in college and in the world at large.


By developing their critical reading, writing, and research skills, the English Department provides our students with the perspective and tools they need to become life-long learners. Through exposure to literature of all varieties, across all genres and cultural and historical boundaries, we educate their imaginations. Students learn to understand people who are different from themselves and, in so doing, develop a more enlightened framework from which they can look at the world and, ultimately, learn about themselves. They learn tolerance and compassion. They learn to make judgments based on reasoning and logic. They develop an appreciation of language and literature, and they leave Schechter prepared to excel in whatever college or career path they choose to take.


Our Mathematics curriculum is constantly evolving, as our teachers strive to keep it relevant. There is an extensive use of technology from graphing calculators to computers, laptops, and online teaching. We make every effort to accommodate the needs of all our students based on their level and abilities to ensure they reach their full potential. As a result of this individualized approach, some students will be able to take to take classes 1-2 years above their grade level.


Our goal is that our students look at everyday events in the world around them…something as simple as a car ride… through a scientific lens and realize the science that is behind them. It is not only to teach what is in the book but to encourage the students to think about how the scientific principles affect their world.Mr. Itzkowitz, Science Dept. Chair


As a result of our process, our students are encouraged to take advanced level science classes. Considering the school size, each year we have a large percentage of children taking advanced science courses.

Social Studies

The goal of our high school social studies program is to foster citizenship. Our students are given the tools to be well-informed, engaged, participatory citizens in our democracy.


The high school social studies program builds on the foundations that the middle school has built. Starting in 9th grade students assess multiple historical perspectives from the leading historians in their field. Our students do the work of professional historians by evaluating evidence from primary source documents and developing their own conclusions as to causes and effects. Students engage in simulations, role-playing, and formal debate as part of learning to appreciate multiple perspectives of historical phenomena.


Learning Hebrew is a cornerstone of the SSLI curriculum. Our faculty helps students of all abilities not only understand Hebrew but enjoy the Israeli culture and heritage that the language unlocks for them.


Over the course of their education, our students develop a strong bond with the state of Israel. They learn through constant exposure to Hebrew: by reading newspapers, researching their family roots and reporting on Israeli history. All their years of study culminate in the performance of a play entirely in Hebrew followed by a three-week trip to Israel.

Jewish Studies

At SSLI, our students share a Jewish heritage that reaches back for millennia. Through a Jewish lens, we encourage our students to ask deep questions about who they are to one another, in the world and what the world is to them.


Throughout high school, Jewish Studies  brings our history to life through seminars on the Tanach (Bible), Rabbinics, Israel and Jewish History. The program emphasizes critical thinking at every turn: When was this text written? What did it mean to our ancestors? How do we read it today?


This line of questioning shows our students that our history is alive and forever developing. Judaic Studies helps them to understand the context behind historical changes not just in the past but in the present and future, as well.


Music is something you appreciate for your life…it is more than the top 40 playlist. There is a complex world of music and we teach everything from Renaissance, classical, Romantic, big band, jazz and blues…Music is not just about listening and learning but the feeling you get when you hold and play an instrument to create music. Our children need to know it’s not just an app on the phone on which you press play, it is a living, breathing ever changing discipline…J. Cohen, Music & Drama Teacher


Our music program touches on other disciplines such history, math and Science. Guitar study is at the heart of the hands on music experience at this level. In addition, students also sing a full repertoire of Hebrew songs, both traditional and modern. Our most gifted students further hone their talents through our acapella ensemble, Klezmer Band and AP Music Theory.


“…to learn an instrument is not instant it takes practice and discipline. The greatest satisfaction is a learning to create music…”


At the high school level, our students come into their own as artists. While developing advanced techniques in drawing, sculpting, graphic design, and painting, they discover their unique styles.


The role of art in history, community, and culture is at the center of our curriculum, allowing students to gain a richer understanding and appreciation for art.  With visits from art colleges and professional artists, they also learn what careers are available and what it’s like to be a working artist.


Our students also give back by participating in art research, community projects, the school yearbook, and other projects such as designing Rosh Hashanah cards and Judaic coloring books.


The staff works with our students according to their needs, giving them guidance as they become more independent. Our most ambitious students collaborate with their teachers on the capstone of the high school art experience: the art school application and portfolio.