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At Schechter, we seek to give our students every opportunity to achieve their potential. Our engineering program provides the scaffolding they need to grow from curious learners to resourceful problem solvers.

Excellence That Grows With Your Child

The Foundation For Success in Engineering is Laid
in the Lower & Middle Schools

The Engineering Track is a selective and award winning 9th and 10th grade program. Opportunities to extend and apply engineering skills developed at the outset of high school continue through 12th grade.


The Engineering Track is...

The goal of first year engineering is to introduce and experience civil, mechanical, electrical and computer engineering. Students learn through hands-on projects such as building bridges, and building increasingly complex circuits, by programming microcontrollers which in turn control sensors, LED’s, motors, switches and so on. Sophomore year’s curriculum is “Biomedical Engineering,” where students learn body systems, such as skeletal, muscular and circulatory. Halfway through each school year, Schechter engineering students are placed in teams, challenged to come up with a project that will help people or the planet and that is not a repetition of a product that is currently on the market. They are given a small stipend to purchase components and must create their invention within their budget. To stretch their budgets student create custom-made components using the school’s fleet of 3-D printers.

Every year our Students compete in the CIJE Young Engineers Conference and have taken home awards in multiple years. The CIJE Conference is a culmination of a year of course work in the CIJE-Tech high school engineering curriculum. Students are tasked with conceptualizing, creating and engineering their own invention.