Our school celebrates music. Throughout the year, song and music bring our community together on many occasions as we celebrate holidays, rites of passage and life.

Music Grows Our Mind

Walking into the lower school and hearing the children’s voices singing in the auditorium as they rehearse for their Jerusalem play, felt as good as the smell of apple pie in the oven. It felt like home.Orna, Schechter parent


Music is the bond that holds our Kehila (community) together, from our youngest students in the Gan (Kindergarten) to our oldest high school Seniors. Throughout the year, Jewish milestones and holidays are celebrated with song and performances crafted by our talented musical directors for students and by students of all ages.

At SSLI, the music curriculum that starts in Gan ensures that all students learn to read music, play instruments and recognize important periods of musical history. Choirs in the lower, middle and high schools bring harmony and Schechter spirit to performances in school and venues all over Long Island.